An average of 85% of pets over the age of two years have dental disease which can lead to oral pain, bad breath, and early tooth loss.  Some pets may need professional dental care as often as twice a year.  Lewisburg Animal Hospital provides complete scaling and polishing of your pet’s pearly whites and dental extractions when necessary.

Many owners feel advanced age prohibits their pet from undergoing dental procedures.  This is simply not true as most of our patients undergoing dental procedures are geriatric.  Many owners report their older dogs becoming much more active after addressing dental disease.

During dental procedures, we utilize gas anesthesia as well as local anesthetic blocks in the case of dental extractions.  Local dental blocks help to assure patient safety by minimizing the amount of general anesthesia needed.  At our hospital, we ALWAYS have a technician monitoring our anesthetized patients, and we utilize monitoring equipment that measures blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, body temperature, and ECG.  In addition, we utilize warming systems such as the Hot Dog Warming System or Circulating Warm Water Blankets to maintain patient body temperature during dental procedures.