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Clinic Photo Gallery

Our wonderful customer care team hard at work.  They are ready to help you with all your pet care needs.

A view of our  lobby from the customer service desk.  We have coffee!

Our skilled veterinary nurse is performing a dental prophy while another nurse monitors the pet throughout the procedure.

A doctor and veterinary nurse are reviewing dental x-rays to examine the pets teeth below the gum line.  This allows the doctor to find problems that may involve the tooth root that cannot be detected by examination.

Dr. Grissom and one of our skilled veterinary nurses performing a preoperative exam on a patient prior to surgery.

Doctor Dalena is performing a routine spay on a pet.  A veterinary nurse monitors the patient throughout the procedure.

Doctor Hobbs is examining a puppy during her wellness visit.  One of our veterinary nurses provides assistance to the doctor.

Two of our veterinary nurses gently positioning a kitty to take abdominal x-rays.

Dr. Grissom is examining a puppy during his wellness visit.  A veterinary nurse is assisting the doctor during the exam.  I am sure a few puppy kisses were shared before the end of the visit.

The doctors are receiving training on our state of the art ultrasound system.

The doctors at Lewisburg Animal Hospital having a little fun.