Additional Services

Retail Products


At Maggie-Roo Pet Retreat & Grooming Salon, we offer a variety of unique pet care products not found at other local retailers.  Come browse our selection of Lupine collars, boutique-style harnesses, luxurious pet shampoos, exclusive toys, and our popular selection of homemade and gourmet treats.  We even have “Yappy Birthday” treat packages for your pet’s special day!

CLICK HERE to visit our Maggie-Roo page!



We have an on-site, but separate, building that houses Maggie-Roo Pet Retreat & Grooming Salon.  CLICK HERE to visit our Maggie-Roo page!

Nail Trims


Ever tried to trim your dog’s nails?  While most dogs need nail trims from time to time, no one likes to do it.  Why not let us do it for you?  Our technicians and assistants can provide this service.  Just give us a call!

Microchip Pet Identification


At Lewisburg Animal Hospital, we use Microfindr Companion Animal Slim Microchips to permanently identify your pet.  This chip is inserted on the back of the neck near the shoulders.  We register your pet with PetLink before you leave our office, so if your pet becomes lost, it can safely be returned home.