Anesthetic & Surgical Release Form

General Information Regarding Anesthesia:
Your pet’s health is our primary concern. We have outlined the components of your pet’s anesthetic procedure today so that you can better understand and make the appropriate choices for your pet’s health and safety.

Pre Surgical Exam:
All pets admitted for a surgical procedure will receive a pre surgical exam. The purpose of this exam is to listen to the heart and lungs for abnormalities and to make sure that your pet is in the best physical health possible before anesthesia is administered. During the pre-anesthetic exam or during the procedure, the doctor may discover that additional and unexpected treatments are needed. In this instance, every effort will be made to contact you so you may be educated to the finding and make an informed decision.

We use the same safe Isoflurane gas that is often used in human medicine. Isoflurane is primarily eliminated through the respiratory tract rather than through the kidneys or liver. This helps to reduce the risks associated with anesthesia and allows for a quicker recovery.

Your pet is closely monitored throughout the entire procedure. Your pet’s temperature, heart rate and rhythm, respirations and oxygen levels are continuously checked by one of our nursing staff and anesthetic monitoring equipment.

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  • Procedure Options

    General anesthesia inherently lowers blood pressure which can compromise organ function. The best way to counteract this is to provide fluid support intravenously while the pet is under anesthesia. To do this, an IV catheter must be placed in a leg vein. This will require a small area to be shaved for placement. Your pet will receive IV fluids during the procedure, which will provide for safer anesthesia, a quicker recovery and improved perfusion and maintenance of blood pressure. An IV catheter also provides the ability to give emergency drugs more quickly if needed. We recommend an IV catheter and fluids for every patient, but do not require it for elective procedures. (Additional Cost $38.00)
    Our on-site laboratory lets us screen for underlying health problems that may not be physically evident and that can put your pet at higher risk for anesthesia. Therefore, pre-anesthetic blood screening is highly recommended to ensure that major organ functions are normal. This does not eliminate all anesthetic risks but provides us with a broader scope of your pet’s health and internal function. We recommend pre-anesthetic blood screening for all our patients, but do not require it for elective procedures.(Additional Cost = $74.50)
    Pet’s experience pain just like people do. Your Pet’s comfort is important to us and we believe alleviation of pain expedites the healing process. We recommend pain medication for all our patients. (Additional Cost = $15.00-$20.00)
  • Authorization

    I understand that during anesthetic procedures great care is taken to ensure my pet’s health, but unforeseen conditions may be revealed that necessitate an extension or variance in the procedure(s) defined above. I authorize Lewisburg Animal Hospital to perform any treatment or surgical procedure(s) deemed necessary for medical or surgical complications or any unforeseen circumstances. While Lewisburg Animal Hospital provides the highest quality of anesthesia monitoring and surgical services, I understand the risks and understand that the veterinarians and hospital team will do everything possible to reduce any risks. I will not hold Lewisburg Animal Hospital, the veterinarians or any team member liable for any complications that may arise. I certify that I have read this document, understand it, and have had all of my questions answered to my satisfaction and I agree to the conditions of treatment. By checking the box above I authorize the veterinarians at Lewisburg Animal Hospital to perform said procedure(s)/treatment(s).
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